Yusof’s Hitting Back

14 04 2008

yusof familyI love the openness and ease of access the internet has become these days, almost anyone can have their own presence and start their own WWW existence instantaneously simply with a blog (much like my own really). And one of the newest additions to the world of WWW blogging are the Yusofs. That’s right, in seeking to put the family name back in the black after all the controversy surrounding Sufiah Yusof of late, the family has started their own blog.

In the post Corrections of Misconceptions” the family attempt to put some “misconceptions” that the media have stated as fact straight. Here are some of the points they attack:

1: All the Yusof children were taught via Farooq’s “accelerated learning methods” — a tortuous regime involving studying in the freezing cold, punishments for answering questions incorrectly, and “stretching and breathing exercises”.

2: The Yusof children only became prodigies because they were forced to work unreasonably hard and/or were homeschooled.

3: TV and pop music were banned in the household.

4: The Yusof parents put tremendous pressure on their kids to succeed.

5: Sufiah’s abilities were unique, even within the family.

It’s a little heavy reading, so there’s also a FAQs page as well, that answers the above points and more too.

Visit the Yusof family blog site here.

Interesting Note: The family blog encompasses the Yusof family except Farooq (father) and Sufiah (daughter), so it includes Halimahton (mother), Zuleikha (daugther), Iskander (son), Abraham (son) and Aisha (daugther).

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Sufiah Yosuf’s Raunchy Photos

9 04 2008

sufiah yusof shilpa lee leather

Sufiah Yosuf child prodigy turned £130/hr escort Shilpa Lee whom I blogged about a couple of days ago had a raunchy photo shoot that went with her interview with News of the World. These photos are now available for you to view, if you are inclined to do so (which you should if you are reading this) go here.

Ex-Child Prodigy Sells Body

7 04 2008

About a week ago News of the World uncovered that a child math prodigy is now using her body towards a career in the escort industry. Sufiah Yusof used her brains to gain herself a possession into Oxford University at the age of 13! That’s right, 13! Well, as all these stories go there’s a but, and that but is thatsufiah yusof shilpa lee back her Dad being as strict as he was pushed her to run away and do her own thing two years later. First Sufiah found herself as a hotel waitress, a wife, a ex-wife, a admin assistant and finally a £130/hour hooker and adopting an escorting name Shilpa Lee.

Now, Sufiah has come out with an interview and a HOT photo shoot to boot. There’s a few interesting things that came up in the interview:

1) she has a high sex drive and with the job she gets all the sex that she needs

2) she says the sex is better because “…guys are much better in bed with an escort than a girlfriend.”

3) her clients make her feel like a “princess”

4) she’ loving the life she leads at the moment, and the “relationships” she has with her male clients that she wonders “…if I (she) could go back to a normal relationship, where you watch EastEnders and have boring sex.”

Now, I’m no psychologist but isn’t it kind of obvious she’s still fucked up on a man’s role in life and still not over how her dad treated her. She totally needs to get her arse on Dr Phil ASAP.

Quote of the article: “And brainbox Sufiah has worked out that subtracting your respectability to become a prostitute can equal big money.”

More pics inside

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